About Mighty

Today, more and more people choose artificial grasses for their low maintenance and little water consumption. The artificial turf surface guarantees you a comfortable environment as well as helps to save the valuable water source. Mighty is a professional synthetic lawn manufacturer and customizer in China, with more than 10 years of industrial experience. We employ a top-notch R&D team which constantly puts forward innovative solutions and brings us many national patents. Soft feel and wonderful anti-abrasion performance allows our sports artificial turfs to be used in National Stadium—Bird's Nest. Come to Mighty for all of your turf and grass need. More

Main Products
    1. Artificial Grass for Football, MT-Surf
      As the economy rapidly develops, people pay more and more attention to body health and take an active part in physical exercises and sports, like football and soccer. Under this case, people have higher and higher standard for artificial turfs.
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    1. Synthetic Grass for Tennis, MT-Fibrillated Grass
      The fibrillated grass possesses a net structure, smooth and soft fiber, anti-UV capacity, abrasion resistance and high security. With a natural and bright color and little maintenance, the synthetic tennis turf is a good alternative to natural grass courts and provides high cost effectiveness.
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    1. Artificial Grass for Golf Putting Green
      Adopting hot-air forming technology, the putting green artificial grass is formed and curled at a time. The grass yarn is weaved and tufted crossly in order to increase the stability and flatness of putting green.
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    1. Commercial Artificial Grass, MT-Promising / MT-Marvel
      The manufacture technology that curled fiber and straight fiber weave crossly increases the rebound resilience and anti-slip capacity of the synthetic lawn. The commercial artificial grass has natural color, vivid appearance, soft texture and comfortable feel.
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